Build and Deliver Carrier Grade IMS

Vision Telecom's voice product offering is a seamless solution for any mobile operator around the globe. Our network offerings include full CLI for domestic, domestic toll free and international termination calls and offer the mobile operator the ability to proprietary force network id's and network numbers for their customers.

From Voicemail to Next Generation proprietary applications, Vision Telecom has the guaranteed Voice XML solution for your network! Vision Telecom's proven product is currently deployed and in development in multiple countries around the world.

Vision Telecom offers World-Class facilities based Voice XML Media switching with hardware DSP's (Digital Signal Processors) as our solution to our Voice XML customers. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic Network interface facility connects your applications to our Voice XML hardware platform. This unrestricted network pathway allows you to develop, deploy and deliver your application or IMS app to your end users with satisfaction of knowing Vision Telecom can process each Voice XML request without congestion at the speed of light.

Now you can develop all your IMS Voice and Media applications to offer a full featured set of product and services or develop new revenue generating applications to enhance your existing customer revenues per subscriber. Whether you operate a 3G, CDMA, Wifi , Wi -Max network, Vision Telecom helps you bring your IMS applications to life with Voice and Media integration.

On Premise solutions are available. To find out more about the Vision Telecom Voice XML all digital hardware platform contact us at

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