Build and Deliver Carrier Grade IMS
Our Infrastructure

Vision Telecom owns and operates Cisco, Dialogic and Oracle Hardware and Software in our facilities based network.

Our World Class Carrier Grade Voice over IP network is based on the Cisco / Oracle Nx10Gbps Fiber Optic Core with TDM and IP / SIP Core and Edge switching platforms. These proven World Class Voice over IP technology platforms enable Vision the flexibility to offer SIP, H.323, MGCP and all toll quality voice codecs such as G.711 (ulaw and alaw), G.726, G.723 (r53 and r63), G.729(a and b) Native GSM and many other codec formats for seamless interconnections.

Our underlying Optical Carrier (fiber optic) network boasts SONNET network technology for advanced uninterrupted network connectivity and throughput. SONNET technology is deployed throughout the ring network architecture for network signaling and its superior network synchronization in the event a failure occurs. The Voice over IP Signaling System 7 (SS7), DAPs (Data Access Points) and STPs (Signal Transfer Points) embedded in our network assist in the millisecond signal processing of voice calls on our enhanced voice network.

Vision's routers and switches from Cisco and Oracle allow Vision to achieve maximum throughput, redundancy and reliability throughout our network. The load balancing system deployed within our network provides unparalleled availability, performance and access to our network infrastructure.

When all of the Vision components are combined this makes for a World-Class Carrier Grade Global Network for all of our products and services.

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